Gwaan = patois for ‘go on’
We help you keep going, it's in our name

Our story begins with the COVID-19 pandemic, in early 2020. All over the world, lives were being brought to a literal and figurative halt. One of the best outlets to deal with intense stress is exercise. Ironically, gyms were closed and sports were brought to a stop. Instead, the world turned to restricted walks and indoor exercise - the latter gave us an opportunity to be more creative. Fitness influencers had taken the world by storm and we, like many others, began a devout ritual of doing intense home work-outs.

Like most things in life, the exercising became mundane and aimless. We found the exercises were getting easier, but it was hard to understand if we were truly fitter or whether our form was compromised. From this frustration arose an idea: Gwaan.

Incorporating the personality of our product with our cultural backgrounds had us ponder the look and feel of our app. We picture Gwaan as a very smart coach (almost annoyingly so) who sees everything, has an incredible memory but a very friendly Caribbean voice. The design is still being worked on, but we hope you are as excited as we are for the first iteration.

Our Values

Eclectic Systems

We synthesis create solutions take lots of random

We believe that great ideas start with great people. We strive for a company that is diverse in race, background and neurodiversity.
Data first
We take a scientific, experimental approach to test our ideas and be creative with our code.
No idea too crazy
Being eclectic means we are seeking the 'unusual'. We fail fast, always open to new ideas.
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